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Paper is alive with color. Bring your creations to life using our collection of brilliantly expressive Palettes and mix your own colors with a brand new tool the Mixer—a completely new way to explore color and the biggest leap in color controls in the past 40 years. Built on our powerful new core technology, the Mixer combines an intuitive mixing control and our custom color blending for color that looks and feels right. Need more reasons to create? Our Expressive Ink Engine™ is now pressure-sensitive with support for the Pogo Connect.

The new version of Paper is here. Welcome to a colorful new world of possibilities.

New Features

  • Mixer. Play between the shades. A new, natural way to mix beautiful colors and create your own custom palettes. Available as an in-app purchase.

  • Natural Blending. It took a lot of science to make something that feels this intuitive and simple. Our natural blending technology makes color mixing look and feel just like it should: yellow + blue = green.

  • Palettes. Hand-crafted by color experts. Flip through a collection of fresh palettes for colors that work brilliantly together for any creative need—presentations, drafting, portraits, travel, branding, color scripts.

  • Pressure. Our Expressive Ink Engine™ has now been enhanced for pressure input. Drawing, writing, and sketching feel more natural than ever with support for the Pogo Connect.

(via fiftythreenyc)